10 Things You Can And Are Encouraged To Say To Pregnant Women

You were just given a list of 10 things not to say to pregnant women. And, with that said, you are likely wondering if you are going to have to walk on eggshells every time you encounter any mom-to-be. The answer to that question is not at all, because there are appropriate things to say to pregnant women. And if you are the one that is pregnant, you will agree with the list of 10 things that are below because these things are not just okay to say to pregnant women- but they are encouraged. Let’s go over those right now.

Congratulations – Only say this after you know for a fact that the woman you see is pregnant. It does not matter how she feels about the pregnancy, whether she is happy or not, congratulating her is a kind and appropriate response. And, even if she is not feeling positive about being pregnant, she will appreciate the words.

You Look Great – Even if the pregnant woman is not feeling great or in fact feels terrible, telling her that she looks great will boost her confidence and self-esteem regardless. You can also say that she is glowing, but a better thing to say is that she looks great.

I Love That Outfit or That Looks Good On You – If the pregnant woman is far enough along in her pregnancy to the point that she has gotten maternity clothing, then you can definitely compliment her on the clothes she is wearing. Even if it is nothing fancy. The only time to comment on her appearance is by referring to comment #2 and telling her that she looks good by wearing what she is wearing – even if it is a baggy sweatshirt with maternity jeans.

Here, Why Not Go Ahead Of Me? If she is in line behind you waiting to pay for groceries or other goods, and you see that she is quite obviously pregnant, without commenting on how large she is – do her a favor and tell her that you will go back in line behind her so she can pay for her goods and go right back home or to work as soon as possible to get comfortable again.

Let Me Handle That – This one you will want to be careful with because you don’t want to offer a pregnant woman with help for something that she is clearly capable of doing. But when it comes to her trying to reach something that is very high or carrying extra bags, offer her a helping hand which she will appreciate.

You Are Carrying A Miracle – Of course, she will agree with you on this statement, and on very rough days she will most definitely appreciate the reminder of that as well. Because she is struggling and going through a hard time with being pregnant due to the fact that indeed, she is carrying a miracle! Or multiple miracles.

Let Me Know If You Need Any Help Or Suggestions With Anything – This is definitely a statement that any pregnant mom would want to hear because she most definitely is going to be looking for help and for suggestions for plenty of things. If you can offer her some helpful resources, that is something she would appreciate.

I Will Keep An Eye Out For Sales On Baby Items – This is another thing that any pregnant woman would appreciate knowing because adding another family member means that more money will be spent. And, pregnancy is a time when the mom and dad-to-be will want to do what they can to start saving money.

I Can Send You To Some Baby Freebie Sites – This statement is more of an extension of the point above because again, expectant couples are looking for methods to save, and if they can get useful baby items for free, they will be quite happy.

I Can Tell You About Upcoming Baby Conventions – This is another suggestion that is appreciated by pregnant women because baby conventions showcase items and services that are relevant to pregnancy and babies. Again, the one thing that pregnant women want more than anything is coming across resourceful people who can really offer them anything helpful and this certainly applies! Now, after reading these 10 comments about what you most definitely can say to pregnant women, there is never a need to walk on eggshells. All you have to do is offer resourceful information, encouragement, and your best!

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